The O2 Arena and Cable Cars in London

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At the weekend I was going to a gig at one of London’s biggest arenas, the O2. Originally opened as a slightly strange science/futuristic attraction in 2000, it’s now a hub of restaurants, bars, and an entertainment venue for comedy, music and more.

Me and my partner arrived hours early to make a day of it and we started with the cable cars.

The cable cars run next to the arena and offer splendid views of the surrounding area. It was made even more beautiful by the twinkling lights of London in the early evening darkness. It made a wonderful and pretty romantic start to our day.

Below are some photos of the cable cars and views.




After a quick hot chocolate in Costa to warm up, it was time for dinner. We hit GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) for some delicious food to see us through the gig. I had a falafel burger with different sauces, salad and chunky skin-on fries. GBK also do a wonderful selection of dips, in particular the smoked chilli mayo and chunky barbeque.



Bellies full, it was time for the main event. Music! The O2 holds 20,000 people and today we were standing in the almost full arena. It’s pretty impossible to grab a drink due to queues but there was a great crowd and joyous atmosphere.


Slightly sweaty and tired, our fun filled day at the O2 was over. We drove home, content and looking forward to our next visit in March.

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