I can’t believe another month is almost over, so here’s my April Favourites.

Dior Blue Garden Eyeshadow Palette



I did a post about this eyeshadow palette a few weeks back, and I absolutely love it! The eyeshadows have a gorgeous floral design and the colours are just perfect for spring and summer. I find that I can create a whole range of looks with the beautiful colours in this set.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


I’ve joined the face sponge bandwagon a bit late, as I didn’t think I would get much use from one. Oh how wrong I was! I haven’t tried the original Beauty Blender, but I’m really impressed by Real Technique’s version. I use this to apply and blend my under eye concealer, colour correctors and powder foundation. I love the dewy, healthy finish this sponge gives my makeup.



So I had a couple of thrifty months, but this past month I have been on quite a few shopping trips and amassed some rather large hauls, see here and here. I’ve recently been on another spending spree, so I’ll be doing a post on what I got soon.

Lush Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly and Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb



For Easter I got several bath bits from Lush and these two were my favourites. The Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly has the most gorgeous orange scent and the bunny shape of the product is also super cute. Humpty Dumpty is a very large bath bomb that has a bergamot and orange scent and cracks open to reveal a fried egg inside! Both of these bath bits were really fun to use.

The New Forest


So I’ve mentioned my stay in the New Forest quite a lot, see herehere and here, but it’s definitely been one of April’s highlights for me. I love how peaceful and beautiful the forest is and getting to see animals roaming free.

So that’s my April Favourites. Let me know what you’ve loved this month. 

20 Replies to “April Favourites”

  1. I have only just gotten in to makeup sponges myself, I’ve been so reluctant to using the beautyblender that I bought last summer but I decided to give it a go a couple of weeks ago and I’m mad at myself that I didn’t use it sooner. Did just purchase the real techniques one but haven’t tried it yet but I’m exited too. x

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    1. Is the beauty blender really good? I don’t blame you for not using it straight away, they are quite pricey for a makeup sponge. Now I know I will use sponges more, I probably will buy a beauty blender myself. Xx

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      1. I do think it’s good, but since I haven’t tried the RT one yet I can’t say if it’s better or not. however I can’t imagine there being THAT much of a difference between the two, so if the RT one is good I’ll probably just continue buying that one considering the price difference between the two. x

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      2. You’ll have to let me know which one is better once you’ve tried both. I think the RT one is good, but as you’ve tried the beauty blender first you might prefer that one. I’ll be interested to see if they’re similar☺ x


  2. I haven’t tried any beauty sponges either because I just can’t see myself liking them! Do you find it gives you a better finish?! x x

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    1. I use a powder foundation and I find it stops it applying as dry and powdery. It also helps blend in my under eye concealer nice. However, on any drier products I use, like my face concealer, it doesn’t blend well xx

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    2. Better finish than…? Better finish than a brush? Depends on the brush. Better finish than applying with fingers? Yes. I personally prefer using a sponge to a brush. I find it to be more comfortable and faster 😊

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      1. Hmm… I guess it depends on skills, but I would say yes. With a sponge it is easier to get a flawless finish than with a brush 🙂
        It would be also great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊

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