Lush Intergalatic Bath Bomb


Recently I purchased Lush’s Intergalatic bath bomb for the first time. I’d seen it in store, but never picked it up until I saw it raved about online. The reason this bath bomb is so popular, is that it fizzes away to leave bath water looking like a galaxy in space.

Intergalatic has a peppermint scent, which is pleasant enough, but it’s not my favourite smelling product from Lush. It’s also meant to contain popping candy, but I can’t say it added anything, as it fizzed away in the same way as other bath bombs.

Where this really started to improve, is when it melted to reveal a rainbow of colours, that floated across the water.


Once it had fully fizzed away, the water appeared a murky blue. It was only once I climbed into the bath, that I could fully appreciate the deep blue/green colour of the water, and the tonnes of sparkle floating beneath the surface. Just as promised by Lush, my bath resembled a beautiful constellation of stars in the night sky.


So despite initially being a bit disappointed by this bath bomb, I’ve ended up growing to really love it .

Let me know if you’ve tried Lush’s Intergalatic bath bomb.

44 thoughts on “Lush Intergalatic Bath Bomb

  1. Eeee I love the sparkles! Haven´t tried this bath bomb but will be sure to after this post. Have you checked out the dragon´s egg bomb? The smell is absolutely delicious. And don´t get me started on the blackberry comforter…

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