A few months ago, I picked up a four pack of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Masks. Phew that’s one long name!

I’d seen Fleur de Force and a few other bloggers/vloggers mention how great these eye masks are for travel, as they reduce puffiness and freshen up the under eye area.

You can purchase these masks individually for £9-£10 each or the four pack for £36. I impulsively bought the four pack when I saw them in Debenhams, as they didn’t have the individual masks. 

Price wise these are pretty expensive. Estee Lauder serums themselves aren’t cheap, but I think the price point is still £2-£3 higher than it should be.

Now on to the mask itself.

Each individual sachet has two parts, the serum at the bottom and the eye pads at the top. You press along where the serum is to break the seal and push it up on to the pads to soak them.

Except it wasn’t that easy! I’m not sure if I just had a dud set of masks but the packaging was awful! No matter how hard or how long I spent trying to break/pierce the seal I could barely get any serum up on to the pads. I often ending up cutting the packaging and soaking the pads manually.

Once applied under my eyes, things still didn’t improve. The pads felt uncomfortable, moved around and then dried out quickly.

Was there any results? Nope, no good ones! The under eye masks are supposed to help with dryness and dehydration, lack of radiance and fine lines.

I found my under eye area felt tighter and smoother, but drier after using these masks. My under eye area also looked dull and despite feeling smooth to the touch, my fine under eye lines looked the same.

My final thoughts? Avoid, avoid, avoid! For the price I found these eye masks yielded no positive results and if anything, made my under eye area look worse.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried these Estee Lauder Eye Masks.

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      1. They have them at the grocery store here, yes! If you can’t find them anywhere in the UK I could probably purchase some for you and send it over. If they still stock the 4-pack its around 10 quid i think. 🙂

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      2. Aaw thanks hun. I’ll be in Norway in August for a short break in Bergen and Oslo. What grocery store can you buy them in?☺ Any other stores or products you’d recommend? Xx


      3. I purchased mine at Spar, it’s one of the largest chains here compared to what it is in the UK. Not sure if it’s in any other stores, I live in the countryside with only that one store nearby. 🙂 I don’t know what to recommend though, we don’t really have any niche stores, and everything here is imported and awfully expensive compared to the UK, which is why i mainly do my shopping online D:

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      4. Aaw really? I noticed in Slovenia Spar is big, it’s more like a small, off-license kind of place here. Aaw I know Norway is expensive so I probably wont do much shopping☺ Any places/things you’d recommend doing in Bergen/Oslo? I think we’ll do a boat tour in Bergen on my birthday, art museums in Oslo as I want to see The Scream painting and Viking Ship Museum☺ xx


      5. Yeah I noticed that when I first entered a Spar when I was in the UK, it’s very different! I haven’t been to Bergen before but they talk about the fish markets and the harbor a lot at least. I think there’s a Lush store there too, i googled it and it said its location in the Xhibition Shopping Center. As for Oslo, Museums are definitely the places to go! You could also go see the Castle 🙂 And Vigelandsparken, it has a lot of beautiful statues and whatnot 🙂

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      6. Haha yeah very different. Not particularly cheap either compared to our supermarkets. In Slovenia Spar was great, affordable, good cakes etc😊 Where did you visit in the UK? It looks a pretty little place and chilled out. That’s why I chose it for my birthday😊 Yes the castle! I’ll add that to my list forgot that. The sculpture park looks great☺ What’s the weather like in August? Xxx


      7. Spar is like the second most expensive chain here, it’s kind of like Waitrose, honestly. I visited London last time I was over! I used to date a guy living there so I visited frequently for a few years up until 2014 🙂 Our weather during the “summer” is like UK weather honestly, expect some rain (especially in bergen because its the most rainy city in the country) but there is also the odd chance of experiencing sunshine 🙂 So far in July we’ve had two warm days with no rain so there’s that.

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      8. Haha really? What’s cheap chain supermarkets? Aaw nice😊 A lot of people go London, did you see many places in the city when you visited?☺ We’ve had a good summer for a change, maybe too hot some days😂 I didn’t want a hot birthday break in all honesty. Italy was hot, our next holiday will be hot, so as long as it doesn’t rain too much when we’re in Norway I don’t mind. I like a mixture of weathers when I travel😊 xx


      9. Kiwi is the cheapest, the stores are all bright green so they should be easy to find 😀 The first couple of years I mostly saw the Docklands area when I visited, but I’ve been pretty much to every general area, I loved visiting Camden, China Town, Oxford street and all that 🙂 I don’t think it should be too hot! August is my birthday month and I can’t really remember the weather being particularly hot on any of my birthdays so far (it’s on the 21st so fairly late in the month).

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      10. Thanks hun. I’ll look out for the green signs😊 I used to go to uni in Docklands!☺ So I spent four years going there most days. Yeah those are some of my fave areas. I like Soho too for food😊 Aaw your birthdays not long after mine. Mine is the 17th😊 xx


  1. That stinks! I hate when you get excited for a product then it doesn’t live up to expectation. I know I have mentioned them only a thousand times ;p BUTTT I love Sephora’s individual masks. ❤

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    1. I know, I just found them so disappointing. I gave them a chance by using all four before reviewing them, but they still sucked! I bought lots of Sephora masks in Milan. I’ll be doing a haul post soon☺ xx

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    1. The packaging was so frustrating! I looked online to see if I was doing it wrong, but I wasn’t. Real let down eye masks from Estee Lauder and very pricey too xx


  2. Nothing more disappointing then getting a masks from a notably good brand to have them not work at all! You my friend still somehow manage to look flawless even with eye masks!!! 🙂

    xo, JJ

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  3. Oh I was excited for a moment that these would be good. They are slightly less expensive than the Shiseido eye masks that I fell in love with! They have retinol in them and make my fine lines look less noticeable. I scored them at a discount from Winners (TKMaxx) and now I cringe at having to pay full price once I run out! Thanks for your honest review on these and saving me money – I will stay away.

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    1. I had such high hopes for these! After Fleur said how great they are for travel and reducing puffiness, giving hydration etc. But if anything my under eye area looked more dried out and tired. Oh I bet! It hurts when a product’s good but pricey to repurchase. At least they work though☺ No problem. Glad to save people from wasting money on these xx

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      1. You would think they’d be great from Estee Lauder, typical! Sometimes the pricier stuff isn’t always the best. Personally I love a £1 face mask from the Boots or Superdrug range, I’d pick them any day xxx

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  4. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t like Estee Lauder. Everything smells/tastes too rosey. Gives me a headache. I never wanna taste rose. Blah. Rather mint or strawberry. Plus their products are for old people. Even I use anti-wrinkle cream but anything they sell is way too “old” for me.

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