My Month in Photos (May)

May was an amazing month, with a holiday to Disneyland Paris, a weekend in Brighton and a day trip to Margate. So here’s a look at my month in photos.

Food and Drink

Sunny Day at Hainault Forest

Day Out in Margate

Minnie Mouse Nails

Holiday to Disneyland Paris

Weekend Away in Brighton

Products I’ve Been Using

So that’s my month in photos. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

15 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (May)

  1. You always lead an interesting life and are out and about doing things! The Minnie Mouse nails you had for Disney are the cutest! In one of your drinks (not sure if it’s a cocktail or not) the purple looks like your drink is lit up and glowing xx

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  2. Those Minnie Mouse nails are so cute! I love them, perfect for Disney 🙂 I love the mickey ears you bought! Perfect colour for you and that pic outside the castle with your boyf is too adorable! Couple goals 😂 and once again Dannii, your post has made me so hungry 😂

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    • I just loved the Minnie Mouse nails so much! I was obsessed with how cute they turned out😊 The ears were so pretty. Everyone kept asking where I got them at Disney! Haha thanks huni💕 Oh yeah there was some good food last month. I ate nearly all of it at Disney x

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  3. Girlllll I just ate but all you food pics have made me SO hungry! And it looks like you had a blast at Disney! I am obsessed with your nails and Disney-esque fashion! So cute! Also You are making me want to book a trip to Brighton yesterday! ❤ I hope June is an equally amazing month! ❤

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